Perspective Fund

Roles: Brand, Design, Motion Design, Sound Design

Perspective is a New York-based fund providing grants to socially-conscious storytellers.

Perspective Fund reached out to Antinomy to refresh their brand identity and create an opening title sequence for their films.

Building a community of documentarians and creators focused on human rights and social justice.

Vision & Values

Perspective aims to amplify diverse voices and support filmmakers working toward change and social justice. They provide funding and resources to get projects made.

They value creative independence, risk-taking, collaboration, and believe great stories have the power to change the collective consciousness.


Opening film motion graphics and sound design.

Designing opening motion graphics not only involved motion design but 3D rendering, motion graphics, and sound design.

Once we understood the mission and values of Perspective, we designed more than 7+ logo directions and variants. Once a consensus was reached, we created the companion materials, including business cards, posters and A4 branded documents.


Brand Identity, Design, Motion Design and Sound Design by Antinomy.

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Perspective Fund

Roles: Brand, Design, Motion Design, Sound Design